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Mileage Ticket Issuance

Plan your travel with Asiana mileage.

Mileage Ticket Issuance
User Guide
  • 01.
    Check your Membership Class
    and available mileage

    Check your available mileage and plan your travel to possible destinations.

    • Check My Mileage [Click]
    • Check Mileage Deduction Table [Click]
    • Check Benefits According to Membership Class [Click]
    • Find out about Combined Family Mileage [Click]
  • 02.
    Calculate deductable mileage
    for your scheduled itinerary
    and available seats

    You can view your seat status as well as itinerary and necessary mileage for accompanying passengers beforehand.

    • View Available Seats for Mileage Tickets [Click]
    • Check Award Ticket Peak Season/Off Season [Click]
  • 03.
    Join Online

    Please log-in before you begin. (If you are not an online member of Asiana you can view your Asiana mileage after joining.

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